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Cookies policy

This website does not systematically collect any information, except information contained in cookie files.

  • Cookies are information, especially text files, stored on a user’s device and intended to facilitate using this website. Cookies usually contain the website name from which they originate, how long they will be stored, and a unique serial number.
  • The website operator of AgioFunds TFI S.A., having its registered office at ul. Długa 16 00-238 Warsaw, Poland, places cookies files on users’ devices.
  • Cookie files are used for the following purposes:
    a) adapting the content of websites to the preferences of a given user and optimising the user’s experience; in particular, enabling the website to identify the user’s device and tailor the display of the website to a user’s individual needs;
    b) creating statistics to better understand how a given user experiences a website, enabling website administrators to improve a website’s structure and content;
    c) maintaining the user’s session after he/she logs in, enabling the user to not have to re-type their username and password to access each sub-website within the website
  • There are two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary, stored on a user’s device until he/she logs off, clicks to another website, or turns off his/her browser. Persistent cookies are stored on a user’s device for a given amount of time or until the user removes them.
  • Our website uses the following cookies:


Type and purpose


session – stores the session identification


persistent – banner and pop-up information


persistent – stores data on when user visited website and for how long


persistent – stores data on what route user took to reach our website

  • In many cases, internet browsers allow storage of cookies on a user’s device. A user can change his/her cookies-related settings at any time. Settings can be changed in order to block cookies from being automatically downloaded or to inform the user each time a cookie is stored on his/her device. Details on managing cookies are available in browser settings.
  • Limiting how our website uses cookies can affect a user’s experience of our website, making some services unavailable.
  • Cookies stored on a user’s device can be used by our advertisers and other partners.
  • Users can find more information about cookies at or under the Help tab of their internet browsers.